Kevin Jonas And Danielle Jonas Hiring Cesar Millan To Help With Their Dogs

Kevin Jonas and Danielle Jonas have struggled for years with your pets!


The couple has a group of dogs that do not stop going to the bathroom inside!

Kevin Jonas and Danielle Jonas stayed home on Easter instead of traveling to spend the holidays with the family of Kevin. The couple enjoyed a relaxing holiday with its almost 3 month old daughter Alena Rose Jonas.


Have you seen the picture of sweet Alena with her Easter dress and pierced ears? So cute!


Why The Jonas Brothers Are Smart To Call It Quits

Interestingly, the movement is the best way to save your future

Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.

The Jonas Brothers went on Good Morning America to talk about their break this morning. “I think it was time,” said Kevin Jonas. “And for us it took us a while to get there, but we think it is time that the Jonas Brothers came to an end.”

Jonas Brothers Cover Shoot going in Rolling Stone

It is almost certainly right. The Jo Bros have not been a real commercial force since sometime around 2009, and the rise of Justin Bieber and One Direction fact tremendously irrelevant to all but the most diehard fans.

Already in 2008, sold out arenas across the country in the second but last summer they were struggling to fill amphitheaters. A show last July in Toronto Molson Amphitheatre (capacity 16,000) sold just 6,000 seats, and many of those people got the discounted tickets through Groupon.

I’m sure the inevitable angry commenters in this article will not agree, but the Jonas Brothers were spiraling to the fair circuit and club status.

The singles from his (supposedly) new album V could not do much of anything, and the media do not pay any attention to the rumors began swirling that they were separating.

With ticket sales and album quickly disappearing, the Jonas Brothers are facing some tough decisions. They could continue playing a rapidly diminishing public and deal with any kind of situation of the Backstreet Boys, or could pull a fall out Boy and quits.

They went for the latter option, and for the first time in ages that were trending on Twitter and get inundated with media requests. What group is on Good Morning America days after breaking? That’s not usually how these things go down, unless it is part of a larger plan.

Once the group stops scoring successes, his best chance of continued success is to capitalize on the nostalgia. But nostalgia is a funny thing. It takes time to grow, and the growth rate is very different for the group – and develops much slower when the group refuses to go away.

(Super Short) N Sync reunion at the VMA’s was greeted by hysterical tweets earlier this year shouting, but the Backstreet Boys probably would have won only one part of the answer.

This is because the Backstreet Boys have finalized the old hits on the oldies circuit for years, while ‘ N Sync has been inactive. As each year went, the nostalgic factor grew. They could easily do a concert tour, and that probably would be the case even if Justin Timberlake had not become a superstar solo.

Q & A: Chris Kirkpatrick of N’Sync at the Meeting and Miley Cyrus VMA Performance

The Jonas Brothers “musical differences “are declared, but if their recent singles had topped the charts imagine these differences could suddenly evaporate. This move opens the way for their inevitable reunion tour. Just have to wait for preteens 2007 start feeling nostalgic.

There will probably be sometime around 2020, but the odds are high that they will not be able to wait that long. Fall Out Boy have trigger fingers after only four years out of the spotlight,

but it is impossible to say how well the whole thing would have made had not released a new single murderer with “My songs know what you did in the dark ( light em Up ) . “ Jonas Brothers had very few songs that appealed to anyone over fourteen years,

so you have to really bring the goods if they want to be back on stage at any time before the 2020s.

Either way you slice it, a break was the best of the very bad choices at this point. (Let the flood of angry comments from fans of the Jonas Brothers start!)



Joe Jonas & Blanda Eggenschwiler: Late Lunch With Frankie Jonas

Joe Jonas moves on Wednesday afternoon (March 19)

Jonas Brothers concerts city

with his girlfriend Eggenschwiler Blanda for a bite to eat in Beverly Hills, California

the 24-year-old musician and writer girlfriend youngest brother Frankie joined for a meal at Café Newsroom.

Otherwise, Joe, Soft
Nick Jonas absorbs Sun with Olivia blame in Hawaii!

Jonas Brothers concerts city2

I blame Nick Jonas and Olivia enjoys the sun during your vacation at the Kahala Resort in Oahu, Hawaii on Sunday afternoon (March 16).

The couple was spotted lounging by the pool and relaxes while enjoying some snacks and drinks before heading inside. When they left, Nick, 21, has led the former Miss Universe, 22, inside.

He shared his first appearance in the series “Play Ian Wright was a fun challenge for me because I had the opportunity to explore a character that was so different from all the other functions that I have played. Ian is frankly psychotic hacker.

Became this character was a challenge because it is not entirely what I am normally. But it was exciting to analyze and propose a new personality and mentality. ”


Jonas Brothers | Latest News, Photos

Joe Jonas & Soft Eggenschwiler : Weekend Brunch in Malibu
joe Joan & Blanda Eggenschwiler

Joe Jonas and his girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler walking and talking with some friends while heading to lunch in Malibu , California on Saturday afternoon (March 15 ) .

The pair of lifelong friends joined for a bite to eat at Cafe Habana Malibu . Yum!

Should not the exciting news , Joe, 24 , is set to speak at We Day 2014 Seattle .

Will join singer and Dancing With The Stars contestant Cody Simpson at the event to happen next Friday, March 21 !

Joe Jonas premieres’ Teaser your next Driving After lunch with Nick Jonas


Joe Jonas is heading to lunch at Hugo ‘s younger brother Nick on Thursday afternoon (March 6 ) in West Hollywood , California

Earlier this year, the 24-year- old actor / musician turned his head with the news that he was now a certified driver Uber – and it seems that was just released a first look at the project was filming .


You just don’t know it
It’s getting hard to say hello
You just don’t know it
I’m on the edge of crossing the line
I don’t want to blow it or show it
Before you know you’re mine
You just don’t know it

Oh, you won’t see me break
Won’t make that mistake Oh no
I’ll just walk away
There’s too much at stake right now
I go on and on
Singing this song about you
And that’s what’s wrong with this song

Can you feel it?
In the way I look at you
Girl, can you hear it?
I’m crying out inside
I don’t want to see you
Be near you
You’re a million miles too close


You don’t know the way I feel (the way I feel)
So I’ll stay alone (stay alone)


That’s what’s wrong
That’s what’s wrong with this song
That’s what’s wrong with this song
That’s what’s wrong with this song

You just don’t know it.

Jonas Brothers Give Love A Try Song Lyrics

You, you like driving on a Sunday
You, you like taking off on Monday
You, you’re like a dream, a dream come true

I was just a face you never notice
Now I’m just trying to be honest
With myself, with you, with the world

You might think that I’m a fool
For falling over you
So tell me what I can do to prove to you
That it’s not so hard to do?

Give love a try, one more time
‘Cause you know that I’m on your side
Give love a try, one more time

How did it play out like a movie?
Now every time you speak it moves me
And I can’t get your smile off my mind

And your eyes, when I saw ’em for the first time
Knew that I was gonna love you for a long time
With a love so real, so right

Well, you might think that I’m a fool
For falling over you
So tell me what I can do to prove to you
That it’s not so hard to do?

Give love a try, one more time
‘Cause you know that I’m on your side
Give love a try, one more time
One more time