Joe Jonas Goes All Out in ‘I Can Do That’ (INTERVIEW)

Joe Jonas is all about spontaneity, challenges, and having crazy fun on NBC’s new summer comedy variety show.

As part of the pop-rock group of successful Jonas Brothers and Disney Channel series Jonas, Joe Jonas was a teen idol. But since the dissolution of both, he has been working to change the squeaky-clean image that was part of being a star of Disney and expand their horizons to other areas of the entertainment world.

Right now, that means taking the challenges presented by NBC that can do that, in which six artists – Cheryl Burke, Ciara, Jonas, Nicole Scherzinger, comedian Jeff Dye and Alan Ritchson – will be presented with a new skill every week , you have to master in five days with the help of a coach. They then compete in a glass case, the realization of new capacity, and a live audience will choose the winner.

While Jonas will not reveal exactly what these new skills are, other than to say he’s done some hard work – “I have been surprised at my strength” – and learned some aerial work some magic and made some skating roller, he says, “There is only one week to learn something very difficult. I feel like there’s been some things in my life, like traveling and being in awards, which have helped to be the fast I student. You don’t they realize that it just becomes normal for you “.

Jonas said he was doing some soul-searching about what I wanted to do next when he was approached to join the cast that can do that. At first he was skeptical about doing a show without script, but after a conversation with his manager, who decided it was a good thing because it would show your personality.

“I have music that I will be releasing this year, and I was talking to my manager and some friends and they’re like, ‘Man, just to show who you are. People really well”, “Jonas says. He took the words of heart and not she laments. “I’m very glad I went on the show, because it is like a workshop in a way where we go in these situations and cannot half-ass it. We must give everything, and I ended up being very, very happy with the result. ”

Do not let reach the public a real idea who is one of the sorrows that Jonas has when he looks back on his career. Back during the JoBro days, he says he was guarded because he was afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing. These days, he says there is not much to talk about. Now, he says, his life is an open book.

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