Nick Jonas Teases Next Single “Jealous,” Says His Brothers Are Really ”Supportive” Of His New Music

We are happy to report that Kevin Jonas Brothers Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas are fully supportive of his solo career.

After the breakup of the Jonas Brothers in October last year, Nick opens up about her new music and says there is no bad blood between the former bandmates.

“There are times that type of question himself as nothing and you wonder if you are making the right move forward, but I feel like when I started to actually create, came to a place where I was locked inside and felt like I was making the right move, pushing myself and continuing to be around people who make me better, “Nick told us exclusively on the last night of HFPA Grants banquet in Beverly Hills.”And it’s been a great process. I’m really looking forward to hearing people around the disk.”

Jonas Brother

Nick says Kevin and Joe get to hear his last “chains” individual before anyone else. “They heard it before anyone else did. Loved them,” he said. “They were really positive. Was great to feel them. They all have their things going well.’re Supporting each other to the end.”

As for what fans think of the new music solo Jonas, who dished, “The response has been amazing … It’s so different from what we’ve released in the past and that is a kind of help to change reviews and evolve things and move on.”

Jonas also joked solely their next single. “In the coming weeks, you will see a new song, called ‘Jealous'” he said. “‘Jealous’ is a little faster paced. It’s a fun song with a theme that I think most people refer to. It will make you get up and dance a little, but still has a bit on the dark side.”


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