Jonas Brothers Break Up: Kevin, Joe And Nick Explain Their Split On Good Morning America

The truth comes out! The Jonas Brothers talked candidly about his separation during a Wednesday, Oct. 30 appearance on Good Morning America on ABC.

Brothers – Kevin Jonas, 25, Joe Jonas, 24, and Nick Jonas, 21 – met with fans gathered in Times Square in New York City before being interviewed by anchor Robin Roberts.

“I think it was time, and we took some time to get there, but I feel it is time that the Jonas Brothers are coming to an end,” Kevin said.

It was Nick who “initiated “the talk about going their separate ways.”We are a family first, and that has always been our top priority, and well honesty in what we do as a group was very important.

Came to the table with the kids before we were preparing to go on tour, and I will share with them my heart, my feelings, “he recalled.” In short , I said, ‘ Look, I feel like I ‘ve had some complications in the group for a long time without dealing with them I think this train is going to fall off the tracks without really getting real about some of the .

Concerns and some of the limitations that we feel as individuals in the group. ‘It was a difficult conversation … It was the first time we really had that real conversation. it was a few days working through it . ”

Nick said they are come to a place where they ” feel like they are better suited to do our own individual things , all the things you are passionate about, and choose to be brothers first. ”

Joe said butt heads on everything from music videos to individual opportunities. “At some point, we decided it was best to finish this and support each other and our own companies along the way,” he said.

The trio known for hits like “SOS,” “Burnin ‘Up” and ” Lovebug “ canceled their fall tour of 19 cities on October 09 , just days before it was scheduled to begin .

“There is a deep division within the band, “representative of the group, said at the time.”There was much disagreement about the meaning of music. ”

Last album of the Jonas Brothers, Lines, Vines and Trying Times was released in June 2009. Band’s fifth album, V, has been shelved. His latest effort produced two singles unwelcome, “pompoms” and “First Time”.

“Actually you cannot complete the album, but we will be doing something for our fans,” Kevin said on the morning news.

“They have traveled with us and stayed with us for so many years did not want to leave without something back. So what we do is going to release four new songs from the album. The rest of the album will ever be released”.

The Jonas Brothers will also be sharing 10 songs live from his 2013 summer tour. “We will actually be giving it our fan club members as a gift,” Kevin shared.

New Jersey natives are excited to begin the next phase of their careers. “We’re really in season right now being very excited about the future, but there is also a certain heaviness that comes with closing a chapter,” Nick admitted.

“I think for me personally, my next step is to write music, write to me and to other people, and some opportunities for action, and perhaps a return to the theater at some point.”

Broadway star and then thanked the fans of the band to stick by them in recent years. “We have the best fans in the world and have for our whole career, so I thank you for that and thank you for really understand this movement,” Nick said.

Like his younger brother, Joe plans to do another solo album and challenge himself as an actor. “This is the first time in a long time we have had time to focus on ourselves and support each other through it. Like Nick said, we know it will be sad for a lot of people, but for us, that we are looking to the future. ”

Kevin, meanwhile, plans to work behind the scenes.”I ‘m going back to my first passion, which was the business side of things,” he said. “I’m in the first round of funding from a fund of entertainment that position brands to target millennials.”

And of course, the Married to Jonas star is preparing for the arrival of his first child with his wife Danielle Jonas. “We’re having a baby,” Kevin said. “We are very excited about it.”


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