Joe Jonas & Blanda Eggenschwiler: Late Lunch With Frankie Jonas

Joe Jonas moves on Wednesday afternoon (March 19)

Jonas Brothers concerts city

with his girlfriend Eggenschwiler Blanda for a bite to eat in Beverly Hills, California

the 24-year-old musician and writer girlfriend youngest brother Frankie joined for a meal at Café Newsroom.

Otherwise, Joe, Soft
Nick Jonas absorbs Sun with Olivia blame in Hawaii!

Jonas Brothers concerts city2

I blame Nick Jonas and Olivia enjoys the sun during your vacation at the Kahala Resort in Oahu, Hawaii on Sunday afternoon (March 16).

The couple was spotted lounging by the pool and relaxes while enjoying some snacks and drinks before heading inside. When they left, Nick, 21, has led the former Miss Universe, 22, inside.

He shared his first appearance in the series “Play Ian Wright was a fun challenge for me because I had the opportunity to explore a character that was so different from all the other functions that I have played. Ian is frankly psychotic hacker.

Became this character was a challenge because it is not entirely what I am normally. But it was exciting to analyze and propose a new personality and mentality. ”



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