Jonas Brothers are a pop rock band consisting of three American brothers from Wyckoff, New Jersey Kevin Jonas, born November 5, 1987, Joe Jonas, born 15 August 1989, and Nick Jonas, born September 16, 1992. They have a little brother Frankie was born in 2000 and they are all three a purity ring but Nick and Joe took off in 2010 when Kevin kept it until her marriage 1. They released four albums: It’s About Time in 2006, Jonas Brothers in 2007, and A Little Bit Longer in 2008, and lastly Lines, Vines, and annoying Times in 2009. They also released in 2010, an album combining songs of their series Jonas LA

Jonas Brothers

After 2010, the group took a break so that Kevin could take his wife, so that Joe’s album “Fastlife” and Nick plays a broadway. But in early 2013, they announced that their fifth studio album is finally finished after 1 year of creation. The first single “Pom Poms” is announced for spring.

Jonas Brothers concerts city

They were compared by many artists as the new Beatles. Paul McCartney was the cited as “The Beatles of the new age group.” They have lately been chosen kings of the New age group Pop / Rock.


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